Successfully Graduating Students On-Time

APC member colleges believe on-time graduation is the key to success for students. Graduation helps ensure students are able to find good jobs and repay their student loans. In fact, recent studies have shown that student loan borrowers who struggle the most to repay their loans are often non-completers.

New York’s degree-granting proprietary colleges offer students exceptional support throughout their college experience. Common themes include individual attention, small class size, counseling and financial literacy training and career development.

New York’s degree-granting proprietary colleges have the highest graduation rate for full-time students earning associate level degrees across all sectors of higher education.

As well, APC member colleges have increased their on-time graduation rates for bachelor degrees by 3 percent since 2011.

Boosting College Completion

Based on recent IPED’s data, in the 2015-2016 academic year, APC member colleges conferred 7,791 certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. Of those degrees, 793 were master’s and doctoral degrees.

Effectively Transitioning Students from High School to College

APC member colleges create opportunities for students who have previously struggled in high school and have developed a model to help educationally disadvantage students, thrive and graduate.

This includes offering remedial programs, which help students acclimate to the pace and demands of college study; small class sizes, which provide a more attentive learning environment; and internship programs, which energize students by putting them in real work settings.

The result? Students who have previously struggled in high school are empowered and able to continue their education, earning an associate degree on time.

As presented in the corresponding chart, students with lower High School GPA’s complete their degree on time at APC member colleges.

Creating Higher Education Opportunities for All Students

New York’s degree-granting proprietary colleges help more students with disabilities and special needs graduate with their associate degree, on time, than any other sector of higher education.

In addition, New York’s degree-granting proprietary colleges are successfully helping minority students obtain a college education.