APC Remains Focused on Three Priorities for Students: Keeping Academic Achievement High; Loan Debt Low and a True Path to Employment

ALBANY, NY- As the Association of Proprietary Colleges gears up for its annual advocacy day in Albany, leaders continue to make sure the needs of their students remain front and center.

APC members know that college should be affordable and are committed to helping students keep higher education related debt low by keeping costs down, and providing institutional aid. The state and national averages for student loan debt among college graduates is $32,200, and $29,700 respectively. Students graduating from APC member colleges carry a significantly smaller burden of $21, 900, and, it could be even lower if the state expands the Enhanced Tuition Award program (ETA) to include students attending all of New York’s private colleges.

“APC students are a perfect fit for ETA as over 90 percent of our students come from New York State and upon graduation choose to remain in the state to build their careers,” said Donna Stelling-Gurnett, President and CEO of the APC.

New York’s proprietary colleges strive to provide students with the necessary support to graduate on time as another way to keep debt low.

“Many of our member colleges offer a 12 credit, 3 semester model that encourages students to attend year round and reach graduation sooner, and member colleges provide more than $95 million in institutional aid,” Stelling-Gurnett said.

As a result, during the 2015-2016 academic year, APC member colleges conferred 7,497 associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. Additionally, a recent APC member survey reported an average 85 percent job placement rate in their field of study within 12 months of graduation.

By expanding the ETA to include our students, New York State can assist APC with these goals to make sure students are graduating on time and obtaining jobs in their field, all while keeping their debt as low as possible.

Click here to watch APC President and CEO Donna Stelling-Gurnett discuss these priorities.