APC’s ICYMI: Higher education news for the week of April 6, 2016

ICYMI: LIM College’s Christopher Barto speaks to attendees at APC’s first Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting for financial aid staff. The meeting took place Wed., March 30 at LIM College.


* Following years of criticism from companies it hires to collect student loan payments, the Education Department plans to create a single standardized portal for borrowers to make payments. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/1MQEn0s

* New study suggests public colleges may be gaming performance-based funding formulas by enrolling fewer low-income students. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/1RU4Kll

* Initiative aims to eliminate gaps between rich and poor students. Diverse Issues in Higher Education writes: http://bit.ly/1q3Xytu

* A technical education as a pathway to the middle class. The Brookings Institution reports: http://brook.gs/1M97YlU

* Five lessons learned about alternative education, eCampus News reports: http://bit.ly/25yQ8iD

* New evidence suggests that black and Latino students thrive in honors class. The Atlantic writes: http://theatln.tc/1qeFXQf

* Federal lawsuit seeks to force the Education Department to provide information about its debt collection practices, including their impact on minority borrowers. Insider Higher Ed writes: http://bit.ly/1RWIXJW

* The opt-out movement needs to accept victory and opt back into the state tests, because every parent who allows it, even with the state addressing the concerns, sends the message to their children that if something seems too challenging, just don’t do it, the Times Union writes: http://goo.gl/UDZ5p8

* The Atlantic -Colleges and universities have become a marketplace that treats student applicants like consumers. The Atlantic looks at why: http://theatln.tc/1V4FPxG

* Students shouldn’t have to give up legal rights to enroll in for-profit colleges. The Hechinger Report writes: http://bit.ly/1WafKyd

* Ed Tech examines how competency-based courses are changing the education game, offering new opportunities: http://bit.ly/1qsMJl1


* Recently, LIM College held a briefing titled “The Zara Gap and Disruptive Innovation.” The Sourcing Journal reports on the sold-out briefing: http://bit.ly/1oBR6c5

* Boys to Men; Monroe College mentors talk about the path to manhood at the college’s seventh annual male empowerment forum. The Norwood News reports: http://bit.ly/1MdLtfx


* 2016 Innovation Summit: Mark your calendars and plan to join APC at the 2016 Innovation Summit on June 21st – 23rd at the Otesaga Hotel, Cooperstown, NY.

This year’s program will focus on presenting fresh, innovative ideas in the areas of regulatory affairs, student assessment and engagement, technology and social media. For information on how to register for the event, please visit the APC website.

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