Articles re: Excelsior Scholarship

* Students who attend college full time, even one semester are more likely to graduate. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/2pCtlFE

* Will free college offer catch fire? New York details raise doubts. The Associated Press reports: http://on.wsj.com/2o4pBwu

* N.Y.’s tuition-free dream meets details. Clawback provisions and residency requirements worry critics, but New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing the big picture. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://bit.ly/2pS8BWL

* There is a better and simpler way for all states to achieve the goal of greater affordability within existing budget levels without imposing unreasonable requirements, argues Arthur M. Hauptman in Inside Higher Ed: http://bit.ly/2oVTVcb

* New York’s free college plan won’t actually send more kids to college, writes David H. Feldman, professor of economics at the College of William & Mary, in Fortune: http://for.tn/2pgxC1M

* Donald Trump sets the bar very high, but the award for the worst public policy idea of the year goes to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo writes New York Times editorial columnist David Brooks: http://nyti.ms/2osGUTB

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free college plan. The New York Times Editorial Board writes: http://nyti.ms/2osC0pE

* Clinton touts New York’s free college plan. U.S. News & World Report writes: http://bit.ly/2oPgY6n

Additional Articles of Interest:

* Closing the gap for first-generation students. Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College writes in The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://bit.ly/2oW1505

* Incentives to attend private colleges could save states money and raise graduation rates. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: http://bit.ly/2pSgagj

* The Center for American Progress examines who is receiving Pell Grants and why it matters: http://ampr.gs/2pBZQAU

* What Is the Future of College Marketing? The Atlantic reports: http://theatln.tc/2oEu48m


* Q&A with Delisha Fields, LIM College alumna and senior manager of Marketing and Activations at IMG Fashion. WWD reports: http://bit.ly/2oo35ec  

* Berkeley College launches its Bridge to College and Careers program to benefit New York City high school students: http://bit.ly/2p8dFXK

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