* How many local private colleges joined SUNY’s free tuition plan? Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle has the scoop: http://snip.ly/evqn8

* How to increase learning after high school? State leaders share ideas at Lumina attainment conference. The Lumina Foundation writes: http://snip.ly/2fb1a

* Online learning: Students want quality, not just convenience. The Hechinger Report writes: http://snip.ly/ph8mm

* A new kind of tech job emphasizes skills, not a college degree. The New York Times reports: http://snip.ly/yg2sd

* The Chronicle of Higher Education outlines what effect the repeal of the Higher Education Act of 1965 would have on colleges: http://snip.ly/ykcp4

* The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Act is now passed by legislation with the hope of preparing more Americans with skillsets needed for available jobs. The American Association of Community Colleges reports: http://snip.ly/k2qdb

* The New York Times gets an inside look at the 2017 American dream by talking to seniors across the country about their plans and aspirations following graduating from high school: http://snip.ly/qq4d2

* Students studying technology may not be well-equipped for professional life post-graduation, as tech-employers are struggling to fill positions. Recognizing this, Howard University and Google join forces for a new program. Center for American Progress reports: http://snip.ly/gwvku

* So far, there are few solutions for defrauded borrowers. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/6p823

* A new, forward-thinking higher education system in the U.S. must be implemented that addresses the distinct needs and challenges of the 21st century, rather than trying to incorporate obsolete models. The Evollution reports: http://snip.ly/mfbdu

* Opinion: Making community-college tuition free might not automatically benefit low-income students. The Education Week delves into the many other factors for aspiring college students to consider: http://snip.ly/2piru

* Rhode Island to become the fourth state in the nation to offer “tuition-free community college for every high school graduate” after a recent budget plan passing. Community College Dailey (Rhode Island) reports: http://snip.ly/gw3k9

* CA and PA are exploring new models for community colleges to fit students’ varying needs. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/04j0f

* Backers of an Audit Model for judging education quality invite feedback. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: http://snip.ly/ldba7

* New market data shows that online learning is a must for satisfying the demands of the changing student body and predicts its presence in the space will only grow in the future. eCampus News reports: http://snip.ly/g4rap

* Mentoring requirements are becoming more present in existing and proposed state-level free college programs, as it has proven to a valuable tool in first-generation students transition into a new academic setting. New America reports: http://snip.ly/2xrys

* To increase graduation rates, The Washington Post proposes less emphasis on tenure, and more on full-time faculty through the elimination for part-time and adjunct faculty: http://snip.ly/slycw


* LIM College alumna and MACY’s Executive, Erica Infantolino, shares career path insights with young professionals. WWD reports: http://snip.ly/qj06u

* In August, LIM College will offer its first fully online associate degree program, the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Fashion Merchandising & Management: http://snip.ly/8seym

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