* Tuition and fees increased by a few percentage points across the board, and aid failed to keep pace, annual College Board report shows. Inside Higher Ed reports:  http://snip.ly/skvtv

* SUNY chancellor Kristina Johnson indicates that increasing the number of full-time faculty will be a key focus of her tenure. WMHT Public Media reports:  http://snip.ly/uood0

* A healthy job market predicted for new college grads. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://snip.ly/dw4uk

* Jamienne Studley, an Obama-era Education Dept. official, will become president of a regional accreditor, the Western Association of Colleges and Schools’ commission on colleges, in January. She explains the move to The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://snip.ly/b01ud

* Study suggests high school teachers’ attitudes are not colorblind and influence who succeeds in higher education. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/yib6r

* The elimination of the Perkins Loan program won’t simplify aid system, as proponents claim, but will likely lead many students to take out private loans. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://snip.ly/g55ge

* How much does the government really need to know about college students in America? The Atlantic reports: http://snip.ly/e8ovj

* Colleges are trying to help students manage their finances by providing them with detailed information about spending and debt. The Wall Street Journal writes: http://snip.ly/shcs9

* Karl McDonnell and Tim Taylor with InsideSources.com write in Newsday that it’s time to start evaluating colleges on criteria like degree or credential completion, and job placement and advancement. http://snip.ly/7xn8p  


* LIM College aluma, Sonya Harris, shares her the inspiration for her brand I.AM.ECCENTRIC in The 405 Designer Spotlight: http://snip.ly/oxfp2 

* Berkeley College holds symposium on women in media. Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa speaks out with regard to the sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein, calling for a “societal course correction.” Times Union reports: http://snip.ly/grc5n

* The College of Westchester celebrates Medical Assistant Recognition Week: http://snip.ly/0nf0v