* Gaps in New York’s free-college plan? Critics worry that the students who need the most help might be among the least likely to receive it. The Atlantic reports: http://theatln.tc/2juPpvg

* Forbes writes on the real reason kids move back home after college (and it’s not student loans): http://bit.ly/2iFP60u

* Nearly a tenth of vocational programs assessed by the Department of Education failed to meet new criteria measuring whether graduates are able to repay their federal student loans — 98 percent of them at for-profit institutions. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://bit.ly/2j0CAKa

* The Senate confirmation hearing of Betsy DeVos moved to Jan. 17.  Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/2ifZ73x

* DeVos moves from wealthy outsider to cabinet insider. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: http://bit.ly/2jj59lB

* Here’s what Elizabeth Warren wants to know from Trump’s education pick. The Washington Post reports: http://wapo.st/2id6RId

* College presidents await Donald Trump’s administration – concerned about financial-aid funding but hopeful for lessening of regulations. The Wall Street Journal reports: http://on.wsj.com/2jDBpn8

* The NY Times writes that Cuomo’s tuition plan stands to help students make ‘the last mile’: http://nyti.ms/2j1i77W

* Secretary John King’s exit memo offers a first look at what the administration thinks it has—and hasn’t—achieved. The Atlantic reports: http://theatln.tc/2hUK13c


* Monroe College to host second annual tech challenge for local high schools on Saturday, Jan. 14. IT Business Net reports:  http://bit.ly/2iFYVLU

* The College of Westchester grad, Lucas Rojas, turns his passion of sports radio into a career launching Rival React. The Daily Voice reports: http://bit.ly/2j6Cse7

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