* The number of colleges and universities eligible to award federal financial aid dropped by 5.6 percent in 2016-17. The vast majority of disappearing institutions were for-profit colleges, but more than 30 private nonprofits were among them. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/wjn0s

* House GOP budget hints at changes to Pell. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/kho2v

* The GI Bill update, the first since 2011, removes 15-year time limit for benefits and awards semester of aid to veterans affected by closures of for-profit colleges. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://snip.ly/bnpeq

* Student debt may be reducing home ownership. Inside Higher Ed writes: http://snip.ly/65klx

* The Trump administration is putting profits over students. The Hill (Opinion by Arne Duncan and John King): http://snip.ly/ic8wd

* Why aren’t students showing up for college? NRP reports: http://snip.ly/ga2ez

* Politico NY: Students attending New York’s proprietary colleges could miss out on the Enhanced Tuition Award program. Donna Stelling-Gurnett, president of the Association of Proprietary Colleges quoted: http://snip.ly/swjwh

* If Trump pulls back, can states do more to regulate for-profit colleges? Francis J. Felser, president of Bryant & Stratton College provides his perspective in The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://snip.ly/tzetb

* Ten myths surrounding financial aid and college affordability. Good Call writes: http://snip.ly/yeris


* Monroe College offers new undergraduate degree program in computer networks and cybersecurity: http://bit.ly/2vlhZFQ

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