* For-profit medical schools are starting to pop up around the country, promising to create new family doctors for underserved rural regions. But can they fill the doctor gap? CBS News reports: http://bit.ly/292CGLy

* Tutors see stereotypes and gender bias in SAT. Testers see none of the above. The New York Times reports: http://nyti.ms/290cosh

* This week, at an education conference in Colorado, executives from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies will be discussing what they bring to the educational market, from software and online tools to devices like the Mac or Google’s Chromebooks.” New York Times’ Jim Kerstetter reports: http://nyti.ms/28Zhe9C

* Secretary of Education Dr. John King lays out vision for American higher ed. Education Drive writes: http://bit.ly/28YdFjL

* Colleges are collecting startling amounts of information on students. Do the students have a right to know how it’s being used, and should they be able to opt out? The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at the issue: http://bit.ly/293uUES

* For-Profit coalition seeks to bolster the flipped-classroom approach. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: http://bit.ly/295rW1J

* Forbes Contributor, Preston Cooper, writes that the new student assistance regulations offer faux accountability: http://bit.ly/295rSyO

* Peter Roff, contributing editor to US News and World Report, writes that the Obama administration is pushing a regulatory change that could leave taxpayers on the hook for college costs: http://bit.ly/295skNR

* Race is still a crucial factor in the college admissions process. Diverse Issues in Higher Education reports: http://bit.ly/290Q3fE

* In the Special Report, “Different degrees of debt: Student borrowing in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors,” The Brown Center on Education Policy and The Brookings Institute explore the dynamic patterns of student borrowing across sectors of higher education. http://brook.gs/293W4ev

* Federal panel votes to shut down an accreditor blamed for failures of for-profit higher ed. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: http://bit.ly/299lwR8

* Are private sector schools doomed to fail? eCampus News answers: http://bit.ly/28V170Q

* Learning to Adapt: Study finds inconclusive results about efficacy adaptive learning. Inside Higher Ed reports:  http://bit.ly/28Zzbr9


* Monroe College criminal justice students take part in a police-style shooting simulation to prepare for the possibility of being confronted by armed criminals in their future careers. News 12 The Bronx reports:  http://bit.ly/28Xqsaw

* A Briarcliff resident was among those receiving degrees from Berkeley College at their recent commencement ceremony. Patch writes: http://bit.ly/29486DL

* Ex-Dowling coach John Mateyko now heads up Five Towns College athletics. Newsday reports: http://nwsdy.li/2995AOg (subscription required)

* The Les Malamut Art Gallery will present the art work of teaching artist Doris Peterson, an SVA graduate. NJ.com reports: http://bit.ly/29eZABj

* Laurel Lueders, set to take the reins as the head of Visual Merchandising Department at LIM College. Retail Design World reports: http://bit.ly/292Jx7I


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