* Trump victory jolts higher ed. American Council on Education congratulates president-elect. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/2eLuqVf

* Trump’s surprise victory sends shock through higher Ed. The Chronicle of Higher Education writes: http://bit.ly/2ekBCJE

* Why for-profit colleges converting to nonprofit status is less nefarious than you think. Watchdog.org writes: http://bit.ly/2fw2fZa

 * Democrats, higher education groups and consumer advocates renew their push for Congress to restore year-round Pell Grants, writes Inside Higher Ed: http://bit.ly/2fXBboP

* The Chronicle of Higher Education asks, “What if a president really did shut down the Department of Education?” http://bit.ly/2eAPbj2

* A Forbes editorial looks at how a culture of innovation on campus can solve the college graduation gap: http://bit.ly/2fzBGox

* Inside Higher Ed reports on TeensTalk, an annual survey that takes an in-depth look at the college search and selection preferences of college freshmen and high school students preparing to apply to college: http://bit.ly/2fPP4pJ

* Americans increasingly mistrustful of college costs, leadership, and value. The Hechinger Report writes: http://bit.ly/2fxvZ72

* Reading the tea leaves as student debt increases. TheStreet reports: http://bit.ly/2f8sAMs

* Phoenix sale delayed, not dead. Inside Higher Ed reports: http://bit.ly/2eS2GvG

* A collection of consumer groups, labor unions, and student loan servicers call for more income-driven repayment for student-loan debt. Good Call, Education News writes: http://bit.ly/2eiKX4o


* President of Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor to give keynote address at LIM College’s 2017 Commencement Ceremony: http://bit.ly/2fzQm75

* The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Westchester, recently hosted their 2nd annual educational event, “Let’s Talk – The Road Ahead.” The event provided an opportunity for parents, students and educators to discuss on how to prepare for life after high school with mental illness. The College of Westchester NAMI Campus Club President, Latiefah Stewart and Associate Director of Health & Wellness at Monroe College, Kelsey McCausland, participated in a panel discussion: http://bit.ly/2fzTJej

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