Technology will be the Focus of APC Colleges’ Annual Conference

The Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC Colleges) will host its annual conference June 18 to 20 that dedicates its focus on the influence that technology is having on higher education programs and administration.

The conference, titled “Technology’s Impact on Higher Education,” will bring together more than 26 of New York’s degree-granting, tax-paying colleges from across the state.

“Technology has been, and will continue to, rapidly change the world of higher education for years to come,” said APC Colleges Executive Director Donna Stelling-Gurnett. “APC’s member colleges are constantly adapting to match the needs of students, faculty and administrators with the technological tools that help deliver and improve their educational programs. The conference is intended to address the multitude of challenges and options that drive the need for continued evolution and fresh thinking.”

APC Colleges will introduce a new Twitter handle, @APCColleges, as the association’s social media hub for communications with its spectrum of stakeholders, including association members, future students, elected officials, regulators and others. Twitter users are urged to follow @APCColleges to remain updated on activities and trends, and to share valuable information regarding higher education in New York state.